Dr. Nick Dirks has the pedigree of one of the top educators in the world, and the “battle scars” of someone who’s been in the hot seat in higher ed and survived it. As the 10th chancellor of UC Berkeley, Dr. Dirks saw many victories and faced many challenges during his tenure, all the while ensuring that the students of Berkeley received the top public university education in the US (and arguably the world).

UC Berkeley has been the poster child for the best public higher ed has to offer: diverse curricula, 22 Nobel laureates, and a stellar international reputation. It also has the legacy of student protests over the Vietnam war, anti-apartheid, and most recently the alt-right and ensuing violence. Hear Dr. Dirks’ perspectives on how government regulations, rightly or wrongly, have led to higher ed bureaucracy; how universities are being asked to do more with less, especially in the era of less funding for higher ed; and how he dealt with (and how you can to prepare for) “unplanned for events” that could occur on your campus.