Strategic Positioning and Planning


Ninety (90) percent of higher ed institutions look alike to students and employers, and in today’s environment in which enrollments are decreasing, discounting is increasing, and financial trending is negative, that isn’t good.

The issue isn’t planning – most universities do a decent job at this. It is differentiation/positioning, measurement, and execution that they lack:

  • Differentiation – Your plan is taking you to the same place that your “competitors” are heading, i.e., same programs, same courses, etc.
  • Measurement – Most plans measure processes instead of institutional outcomes, and because of that, people are focused on the parts and processes instead of overall results.
  • Execution born of shared vision – Most institutions forget that people support what they help create, and because of this, they get resistance to change and lack of execution when attempting to implement their plans.

TCL can help. Our experts will help you:

  • understand how you are currently perceived in the marketplace,
  • assess your institutional capabilities and those of strategic partners, 
  • do the deep market research you need to set you on the right path, and
  • help you build a plan that has strong stakeholder support to enable smoother implementation and execution.

All these things are critical to ensuring you are clearly differentiated and have the right strategies so you can recruit the RIGHT faculty and students for who you are becoming – students who will both persist and be good “recruiting ambassadors” for you going forward. AND, we do this in a way that eliminates resistance to change before it ever gets started.

It’s all starts with market research and differentiation, followed by planning that includes stakeholder input. Because, as Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

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