Crisis Recovery and Transformation

Can you leverage a crisis to get to new levels of trust, relevance and growth? 

Higher ed faces more and greater challenges than ever.  Some are of its own making such as votes of no confidence, while many result from external forces. All can threaten an institution’s existence.

Here’s the problem: Most institutions aren’t prepared for a crisis, let alone the aftermath and recovery.

After a crisis, what do you do?  Business as normal doesn’t work – you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. You must have a plan to move forward. This is where The Change Leader excels.

We know higher education – we’ve been involved with it for 50+ years – but responding to an unplanned crisis takes more than just higher ed experience. It takes a broad skill set and a holistic approach to meet the challenges of turning around an institution. Just ask Dr. Scott Cowen, President Emeritus of Tulane University about what he did following Hurricane Katrina when there was no script for him to deal with what he was facing.  Or a board chair whose university president just received a vote of no-confidence from faculty. Or the institution who just received sanctions from their accreditor and is forced to fire the president. Or your most effective dean has been accused of sexual harassment.

The Change Leader has “been there – done that.” We’ve successfully navigated individual and organizational crises: flying military aircraft in hostile situations …. unexpected leadership transitions … building and implementing turnaround plans. And this experience and expertise can help you not only recover, but transform your institution.

You have a choice: Struggle or transform.  Because as the saying goes, change is inevitable but growth is optional.