Change Management

TJ Rogers, in his book No Excuses Management, stated, “most institutions don’t fail for lack of talent or strategic vision.  They fail for lack of execution – the routine ‘blocking and tackling’ that great organizations consistently do well and strive to do better.”

change-managementUnfortunately, many organizations, and especially education institutions, do not understand how to successfully implement change.  This is the reason that 80% of all change initiatives fail to realize the expectations leadership had for them at the get-go.

The Change Leader’s expert, proprietary processes can help education institutions implement sustainable change and realize the results you need and envision. Unlike traditional business consultants that force one-size-fits-all strategies onto their clients, we know education, we take the time to understand your unique needs, and we partner with you to jointly tailor solutions that enable you to mitigate resistance to change and achieve your goals.