Institutional & Program Evaluation

program-evaluationHigher ed programs are a collection of resources designed to accomplish a predetermined goal, graduate students. Universities are made up of a collection of programs, each with their own goals, which together should accomplish the overarching mission of the institution. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to operate.

But how do you know when a program has grown beyond the means of an institution, lost relevance, become unprofitable, or taken an institution away from its stated mission? Are enrollments down? Are faculty protecting sacred cows?

TCL can help by conducting institutional and/or programmatic assessments and evaluations, either independently or as part of larger in-house projects. We assess and evaluate your programs to determine if they are meeting yours goals, and make recommendations on how to improve them (or to teach them out as appropriate).

The larger question is if those goals align with your institution’s goals.

Could your institution benefit from a comprehensive institutional and/or programmatic evaluation? To discuss your challenges in more depth, please fill out your email address here for a free 30-minute consultation with The Change Leader.