Higher Education Accreditation

accreditationAccreditation is the validation of all the work that you and your staff have done to ensure that students are receiving the education that they deserve.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately), accreditation is one of the major determinants students use to decide whether or not to attend your university, and is required to receive any kind of funding from the government, so this is not an area to leave to chance.

TCL has accreditation and regulatory / compliance experts who can help guide you through the accreditation processes, whether you are looking for initial accreditation, reaccreditation, or working with you to get you off probation or worse.  We’ve been there before – we’ve served on accreditation teams and been on the receiving end of accreditation visits, and we know what is accreditation2needed to earn and keep your accreditation and can help you through any stage of the process.

Just like Allstate says, “you are in good hands” with TCL when it comes to accreditation and regulatory compliance.

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