We know that running a “financially sustainable” college or university isn’t easy – if it were, you would have already done it.  

Does this sound like your institution?

  • Enrollments are down or trending down
  • You are losing out on students you KNOW you should have enrolled
  • You don’t have a strategic plan and/or it is out of date (or it is not used to guide the operations of the institution
  • You do not have an academic strategic plan that aligns with your overall strategic plan 
  • Revenues do not meet current expenses and/or you must “borrow” from your endowment to meet operations (or you don’t have an endowment)
  • You are not growing, and it’s impacting your ability to serve your students
  • You are unable to implement key projects because faculty and/or staff resist change
  • Your governance systems are not effective – your board isn’t engaged and/or you don’t have the necessary skills on it to move the institution in the direction that is needed
  • Faculty are obstructionist and not in touch with the reality of the operating environment
  • You’ve not implemented robust distance education offerings to tap into that critical market for growth
  • You have poor internal communications that impact your success
  • Your people don’t step up and take charge / get things done

Our experts can help you solve your most difficult challenges

Bottom line, we provide you the expertise, proven skills, and tools you need to manage, strengthen, and build your institution, allowing you to spend less time in crisis management and compliance and more time leading your people and driving growth for your institution!