We know that becoming financially sustainable isn’t simple because if it were, you would have already solved it and not be looking for help. 

The Change Leader approaches institutions holistically.   That means we first determine WHAT is causing your challenges – are they the result of:

  • not keeping up with your external environment (which is the main cause of  issues),
  • no shared vision for the future or the path forward,
  • poor positioning or messaging,
  • a planning process which doesn’t include stakeholders (and results in resistance to change) ,
  • a lack of alignment of your strategies, org structure, and internal processes,
  • poor internal communications or lack of transparency,
  • not enough students who want the majors you offer,
  • insufficient distance education offerings or they lack robustness,
  • lack of training,
  • poor planing or implementation processes,
  • silos and lack of cross-team cooperation and/or functionality, 
  • inadequate or inappropriate governance structures,
  • inadequate leadership capacity / building and/or no succession planning, or
  • something else? 

Once we’ve determined the what and why, we get you heading down the right path to solve your issues, whatever they are.  This means that we give you the advice and tools so that you can fix the issues (or we fix them for you), thus you you develop the skills and  abilities you need to grow and become  self-sufficient.

Our experts can help you solve your most difficult challenges

  • Our strategic enrollment management services position your university for growth and financial sustainability.
  • Our distance education services enable you to take advantage of the 13+ million “post-traditional” students who may never set foot on your campus.
  • Our proprietary change management processes enable you to defy the 80% failure rate and implement the changes you need to be vibrant and successful without resistance to change.

Bottom line, we provide you the expertise, proven skills, and tools you need to manage, strengthen, and build your institution, allowing you to spend less time in crisis management and compliance and more time leading your people and driving growth for your institution!