Mentoring: The Key to Building Strong Inclusive University Leadership with Dr. Ron Crutcher | Changing Higher Ed 018

Higher education needs to do a better job of preparing future leaders, especially in terms of leadership development and succession planning. Some leaders, while academically very bright in their discipline, take on administrative roles with no knowledge of leadership or management. This can have severe ramifications for a department, college or university. Therefore, it’s important to identify and develop high potential leaders before the administrative job is open…

Redesigning Research: The Entrepreneurial Power of Teams with Dr. Judy Kjelstrom | Changing Higher Ed 015

Dr. Judy Kjelstrom, the director emerita of University of California Davis’ Biotechnology Program, is a pioneer in creating interdisciplinary programs that create well-rounded students who are equipped to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world of biotechnology. Her leadership has helped the program identify meaningful ways to help students create a broad base of knowledge on topics such as

Preparing Students for Life Beyond University: The Higher Purpose of Education with Dr. Dan Pugh | Changing Higher Ed 014

We find ourselves in a political climate where many say that college graduates are not ready to join the workforce. This is true in many respects, but the greater truth is that the majority of higher ed has lost its way when it comes to preparing students for life, something equally if not more important than being prepared to assume a position in the workforce.

Washington Update: 116th Congress, Negotiated Rulemaking Process and Education Department Reorganization with Tom Netting | Changing Higher Ed 013

Since seating the 116th Congress three weeks ago, there has been a lot going on in Washington. Tom Netting of CSPEN, the Central States Private Education Network, which represents schools nationwide to public policy makers in Washington and throughout the nation, joins us to give an update on what we can expect out of the 116th Congress with respect to higher education, the 2019 Negotiated Rulemaking process, and the Education Department reorganization.

Higher Education M&A Activity with Gerry Czarnecki | Changing Higher Ed 011

The higher ed sector has been relatively immune (or perhaps resistant?) to change since its inception, but in the past 10-15 years, and especially since the Great Recession, multiple things have changed, forcing changes on it. We now are seeing market forces unleashed, including consolidation, mergers/acquisitions, and closures as we’ve rarely seen before (and not in my lifetime).

Marketing Essentials for Colleges and Universities with Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 010

Higher ed institutions are grappling with declining enrollment. The old ways of recruiting students that institutions used during the “go-go” years 15 years ago no longer work – there is far more competition for a shrinking pool of “traditional” students, student demographics have changed, and numerous other reasons. This has resulted in deep discounting of tuition, institutions investing in “climbing walls and lazy rivers” on campus, and other ways to attract prospective students.