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Blackbaud Sponsors Changing Higher Ed Podcast

I am pleased to announce that Blackbaud will sponsor 20 episodes of our Changing Higher Ed podcasts. Blackbaud is the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good, After 35+ years of powering institutions’ advancement & finance needs, Blackbaud is now powering the total campus, from admissions to alumni management, and their education management solutions are now proudly serving small higher education institutions.

How To Lead Your University Through Crisis with Dr. Risa Dickson | Changing Higher Ed 036

Episode SummaryPalo Alto University (PAU) has faced several crises over the past few years that ended up serving the institution well in dealing the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Risa Dickson, the university’s interim vice president for academic affairs, said the...

Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Enrollment Cliff with Bill Conley | Changing Higher Ed 034

This episode addresses the upcoming enrollment cliff that institutions of higher education are facing. Bill Conley is vice president for enrollment at Bucknell University, which is in an enviable position with a 30-percent admittance rate and a strong...

Academic Restructuring and Prioritization with Lori Varlotta | Changing Higher Ed 032

Dr. Lori Varlotta is president of Hiram College, a small liberal arts college with approximately 1,000 students in the traditional college and 200 in the adult program. She is the campus’ 22nd president, the first female to serve in that role.

Mergers and Alliances with Ricardo Azziz | Changing Higher Ed 031

In the summer of 2011, conversations began with the Governor’s office about potential mergers. Toward the end of the year an announcement was made that four mergers would occur. This resulted in eight institutions being merged into four. The most complex merger involved Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University, which created one larger and more comprehensive institution than either had been separately.

Reflections on 2019 and Predictions for 2020 with Drumm McNaughton and Deb Maue | Changing Higher Ed 030

The Change Leader CEO and President Drumm McNaughton and Aurora University Vice President for Marketing and Communications Deb Maue share their insights during the second annual wrap-up of happenings in higher education. This show notes offers a follow-up on the pair’s predictions for 2019 as well as insights on what to prepare for in 2020.

Negotiated Rulemaking 2019 with Russ Poulin | Changing Higher Ed 029

Dr. Russ Poulin served on the subcommittee on the recent federal Negotiated Rulemaking (Neg Reg) negotiations where he had the opportunity to provide input on recommendations that were voted on by the full committee. He was recently promoted to be the Executive Director of WCET.

TRACS Annual Meeting Learnings | Changing Higher Ed 028

The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), an accreditation body for Christian institutions of higher education, works with approximately 100 institutions. Founded in 1979, the organization is a voluntary non-profit self-governing body that promotes the welfare, interests and development of higher education institutions who have a distinctly Christian purpose. The TRACS Annual Meeting provides opportunities for networking and learning about best and emerging practices among the members.