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New Challenges Demand New Solutions

Higher ed faces great challenges – institutions closing their doors, student demographics changing, enrollment declining, more federal regulations, accreditation more difficult, and faculty resisting critical changes.  The list goes on and on.

The problem is that many higher ed institutions try to solve today’s problems with old solutions. The playbook changed and most institutions don’t have the new plays.  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  

This is where The Change Leader excels.

We know higher education – our team has 50+ years of higher ed experience – but it takes more than higher ed experience to navigate today’s challenges.  It takes having “been there and done that” in multiple industries and situations – everything from flying military aircraft in hostile situations to unexpected leadership transitions to faculty distrust of administration to building and implementing strategic and turnaround plans.

Bottom line, we know how to navigate crises and transform your institution. We’ve done it before, and we will show you a new way of thinking so you can do it too. And we’ll be with you throughout the process to ensure your success.

You have a choice: Struggle or transform.  Because as the saying goes, change is inevitable but growth is optional.



Chart your course
to new horizons and
institutional success


Implement the changes
you critically need
without resistance to change


Successfully recover
from crisis and
transform your institution


“[You have] a deep and unique understanding of the key issues facing educational organizations today . . . [You] listen carefully to all sides, reflect, and then put forth unique solutions . . . With the demographics of the student populations changing, [you have been] instrumental in developing pedagogies for delivery of quality distance education . . . a natural leader and relationship builder who brings significant life and work experiences to consulting.”

Dr. Bernard J. Luskin,
Ventura County Community College District;
Former Executive Vice President,
Fielding Graduate University

Bernie Luskin

“You have a deep knowledge of higher education and online education. . . .[You] understand the requirements of intricacies of developing and implementing strategies and tactics for a successful online university.”

Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla,
Organization and Management Department,
Capella University

Sheila Fournier-Bonilla

“You inspired us to become better. . . . you gave us invaluable recommendations which we can put into effect to improve performance while reducing costs. . . .” –

Dr. Ronni Ephraim,
Chief Instructional Office,
Los Angeles Unified School District .

Ronni Ephraim

“Your knowledge and abilities as a consultant are unsurpassed. . . .You understand the requirements and intricacies of developing and implementing strategies and tactics for successful universities, including distance education and the accreditation process. Those so gifted with this knowledge are rare indeed.”

Dr. Sheila Fournier-Bonilla,
Interim Chief Academic Officer,
University of Fairfax

Sheila Fournier-Bonilla

Ronni Ephraim, Chief Instructional Officer, Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District
“You inspired us to become better. . . .Your ability to easily create trust and rapport helped you to get the root of the issues . . . you gave us invaluable recommendations which we can put into effect to improve performance while reducing costs. . . .You understood the political climate in which we operate, and were sensitive to that in your recommendations and working with people.”

Ronni Ephraim,
Chief Instructional Officer,
Los Angeles Unified School District

Ronni Ephraim

“Your final report contained both a thorough analysis of our concerns and solid recommendations for developing more coherence in our programs and instruction. Inspired by your positive attitude, we believe that we can implement your suggestions successfully and quickly.”
“I am impressed with your skills and abilities, and look forward to further assistance from you in making the changes we have long needed.”

Richard Alonzo,
Local District 4,
Los Angeles Unified School District

Richard Alonzo

“[You] have the rare ability to stimulate an intensive examination of [your] client’s hopes and aspirations without inserting your own solutions. TCL’s guidance and encouragement throughout this process have been a major contribution to the quality of our Strategic Plan as well as implementation. I would strongly recommend any organization use them to guide their process. You truly know how to ’make visions take flight.’”

Ken Hugins—Treasurer,
City of Escondido / President,
Hugins & Associates,
CPA/Financial Advisors

Ken Hugins—Treasurer


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