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5 Things that Institutions of Higher Education Can Learn from Nontraditional Students

The demographics of incoming college freshmen have shifted significantly over the past few decades. The two most notable changes are an increase in the number of non-white (and particularly Latino) students and the growing number of so-called “nontraditional” students. Although the presence of minority students on campus has received a great deal of scrutiny, far […]

Big Tuition Increases Have Finally Become Unsustainable: Now Where Does the Money Come From?

These days, institutions of higher education are susceptible to economic uncertainty on multiple fronts. A decline in international student enrollment during the Trump administration could reduce revenues at both private and public universities. Despite a slight uptick in the rate of public funding over the last few years, state economies are still recovering from the […]

Can Shared Governance in Higher Education Survive?

Universities have considered shared governance the “sacred cow” of institutional procedure ever since the board of directors for the American Council on Education (ACE) released a statement in October, 1966 clarifying the respective roles of faculties, governing boards, and administrations. Endorsed by national associations for both board of trustees and faculty, this statement established a […]

Improving University Governance: How to Keep Your Institution Off the 5 O’clock News

This month’s webinar features Lauren Bloom, JD, LLM, a 30-year governance expert and graduate of Yale University, Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, and Georgetown University Law Center who has served as general counsel for multiple organizations. Lauren examines the critical function and duties of university boards of trustees, and how they are changing as a […]

Change Management for Higher Ed

In the first of our monthly webinar series, Dr. Drumm McNaughton, a 20+ year veteran of and expert in change management who has added over $500 million to organizations’ bottom lines, presented a webinar focused on how education institutions can successfully implement change in the 21st century. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same […]

4 Innovative Learning Models Every University Should Consider

For a variety of reasons, many of them economic, some of them cultural, institutions of higher education must adjust to meet the needs of students in this post-industrial economy. The easiest way for change to take place is for universities to embrace new learning models that not only have proven success rates but also the […]

Shared Governance: Honoring Academic Traditions in Rapidly Changing Environments

Fifty years ago, three organizations, the American Association of University Professors’ Committee on College and University Governance, American Council on Education, and Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, collaborated to publish their 1966 Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities which called for shared responsibility among the different components of educational institutions.   Thus, […]

Why Faculty Resist Competency Based Education

Faculty members traditionally thought of learning as a process of dispensing knowledge to students by means of two primary formats, lecture and text. The resulting education prepared students for the workplace only in a broad sense, leaving the instruction of specific job skills to trade schools, community colleges, and vocational programs. By necessity, this model […]

Have We Reached the Tipping Point of Sexual Assault on Campus?

As the scandal-ridden 2016 election season draws to a close, Americans will be left with a number of indelible impressions. Perhaps the most disturbing of these is the “hot mike” video in which Republican candidate Donald Trump speaks candidly about sexual assault, all the while egged on by then Access Hollywood co-anchor, Billy Bush. The […]

Closing the Gaffe: Campus Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media

“Everyone is a reporter when they have a smart phone.” – Dr. Bob Harkins, Associate Vice President for Campus Security and Safety, the University of Texas, Austin. Before the advent of social media, a president’s office had days to respond to developing campus incidents – more than enough time to release a comprehensive statement to […]

Adapt to the Needs of Working Students – or Lose them

New research performed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has created a statistical profile of today’s college students—and university presidents and chancellors may be surprised at the face of their new student bodies. They key finding were that: • 62% of students are working either full- or part-time to support themselves • 67% of […]

Non-Profit & Higher Education Grant Writing 101

Grants play a key role in the fundraising plans of higher education and nonprofit organizations alike. Unfortunately, in either industry, there’s no magic recipe for guaranteed success in grant writing. University Grant Writing Challenges For higher education, the biggest issues are that universities are not set up to design and develop grant-funded programs. These program […]

UC Davis Example Proves Value of Culture Building and Leadership Development

Last week, the University of California at Davis placed Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi on administrative leave after an investigation “raised serious questions” about potential violations of university policies. This week she was terminated. According to a subsequent statement by University of California system president, Janet Napolitano, an independent investigator from outside the system will complete […]

Live Q&A Sessions with Leadership, Relationship & Change Experts

Strong leadership and healthy relationships are the keys to any organizations’ long-term success and profitability. The Change Leader founder and president Drumm McNaughton, PhD is teaming up with celebrated relationship expert Rhoberta Shaler, PhD to provide free interactive BLAB chats where any and all can learn and get their questions answered at no cost. What […]

What Will Tomorrow’s Universities Look Like?

The future of residential universities in America is a hotly debated topic right now. Many are asking what higher education could, and should, look like 20, 30, or 50 years from now. Trying to predict events decades before they unfold may be a fool’s errand, but there is good reason to create an informed forecast. […]

Higher Education and the Newspaper Biz — What Universities Can Learn

Journalism is among the most revered and important careers in the modern world — but a combination of fast-moving technology and slow shifts in practices has made the profession a shadow of what it once was. Even the most venerable news institutions have been forced to cut staff, reduce distribution, and suffer significant credibility losses. […]

For-Profit Education’s PR Problem: What’s To Be Done

A March 2016 study by the American Economic Review looked at the relationship between academic institution types and graduate job prospects, and the results aren’t promising for for-profit colleges. Graduates from these institutions are at a significant disadvantage in the job market, even when resumes and applicant profiles are otherwise identical. So what’s to be […]

The Top Trends in Higher Education: Are You Prepared?

Last month the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative issued a report called the NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition that explored key trends, challenges, and technologies that are likely to affect higher education within the next five years. Today we’ll look at the challenge of embracing new learning approaches, maintaining relevancy, […]

On Leadership Assessment in Higher Education

Until recently, the basic responsibilities of leaders in higher education had been unchanged for centuries. For most of the last century, universities and colleges enjoyed steady growth, favorable public perception, and dependable funding. With institutions succeeding on all fronts, there was little reason to assess leaders’ capabilities. Today, we live in a new era. Using […]

New Book Examines Changes in the Higher Ed Marketplace

We live in a changing world, and nowhere is that more apparent than in higher education. The intellectual energy, thirst for innovation and steady stream of technology-savvy young people can make academic institutions a place of constant cultural flux. But how much do colleges and universities need to change in order to preserve the core […]

Progress for Women in Higher Education: Are You on Board?

In 2009, the American Council on Education released a comprehensive study of female faculty in higher education. It showed that although women made up over half of the population, they comprised a much smaller fraction of upper-level higher education faculty and administration. For some, the numbers came as a shameful surprise. Many were well aware […]

Nonprofits: Measuring Progress Toward Your Vision and Goals

Nonprofits’ bottom-line goal is to create meaningful change for the people and causes they serve. Passion for the cause and the desire to make a difference are necessary, but unfortunately they don’t always ensure a nonprofit’s long-term success or viability. Today we’ll discuss how performance measurement, external evaluation, and establishing a culture of learning are […]

University Presidents Speak: Greatest Challenges Facing Higher Education

  It’s no secret that higher education is facing a sort of crisis. As public aid is slashed and students are faced with mounting debts, many are questioning the value of four-year colleges and universities. Can they remain relevant, accessible, and successful in their mission of preparing students for the rigors facing them as they […]