Reflections on 2018 and Predictions for 2019  In addition to enjoying the holidays, December is a good time to pause and take stock of the past year. This also is an opportune time to get out the crystal ball to contemplate what might happen in 2019.  2018: The Year in Review There were a number […]

M&A In Higher Ed

Higher Education M&A Activity The higher ed sector has been relatively immune (or perhaps resistant?) to change since its inception, but in the past 10-15 years, and especially since the Great Recession, multiple things have changed, forcing changes on it. We now are seeing market forces unleashed, including consolidation, mergers/acquisitions, and closures as we’ve rarely […]

Sexual Abuse in Academe

Three years ago the Association of American Universities added kindling to a smoldering fire when it released a report that found that 25 percent of female undergraduate students experience sexual assault or misconduct during their time at university. The study pointed out that fewer than a third of those involved in an incident reported it […]

The Changing Face of Higher Education Part 9: The Growth of Online Education

Technology continues to make its mark on college campuses across the nation.  With the rapid changes in what’s available in devices and software, leaders of higher education institutions and faculty are being forced to think creatively about how to utilize and even embrace online education. Technology now offers a myriad of facets and offerings in […]

The Changing Face of Higher Education Part 6: The Future of Public Funding of Higher Ed

Higher education’s financial freefall began four decades ago (e.g., California’s Proposition 13), but it really took root three decades ago, as declining appropriations, soaring tuition, and broken partnerships started to become the norm.  The aftermath has led to ugly financial battles involving policymakers, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Some colleges are running large deficits, especially […]

The Future of Higher Education: Part 5: Operations and Facilities

The Future of Higher Education Part 5: Operations and Facilities Ivy-covered walls and red-brick buildings boasting large windows overlooking commons represent the idealized perception of higher education. However, higher education leaders are finding that the beauty of these old campuses has faded because of age and is actually being threatened by enrollment decline, online education […]

Higher Ed 2028 Part 4: Student Issues

To successfully enroll and keep students, colleges and universities will need to look at a variety of factors as they move into the future. We at the Change Leader believe these factors include the changing demographics on campus, students’ prospects for future earnings, the possibility of dropping out and campus safety, all of which are […]

Higher Education 2028 Part 3: Improving Higher Ed Governance

Higher education continues to be in the hot seat. Institutional leaders are dealing with pressing challenges such as declining enrollments, unreliable federal and state funding, an aging faculty and public discontent about higher education. In addition, many trends are starting to emerge that will help shape the future of our institutions. For example, Education Dive […]

Higher Education 2028 Part 2: Higher Education Leadership

Today’s divisive and politicized environment is a difficult one for higher education. However, there is no more important time for true leaders to step into top administrative roles and help higher education move into the 21st century. Unlike what many of our current national and state elected officials are projecting as the qualities of leadership, […]

Higher Education 2028 Part 1: The Purpose of Higher Education:

Higher education is in a state of transition. What traditionally has been a stable part of Western society for so many years now must find ways to remain relevant in a time of expanding knowledge, changing societal values and increased questioning of authority figures. Therefore, we at The Change Leader want to offer a series […]

Strategic Planning and Environmental Scanning

Strategic Planning and Environmental Scanning Institutions of higher education can get pulled off track easily in today’s highly charged ad quickly changing world. While colleges and universities work to stay on the leading edge of knowledge, emerging technologies can quickly make these efforts antiquated. And as institutions face increasing funding challenges, higher education leaders can […]

Leadership Accountability in Higher Ed

The prestige of being a top higher education leader has a definite lure. The perks of the office, the collaborative leadership style and the constant focus on maintaining positive public relations – both for the institution and the leader or board – can create a bubble. However, that bubble can quickly burst when a situation […]

Higher ed can’t cut its way to growth (and other things)

The financial challenges facing higher education institutions are immense. Many higher education leaders are in a difficult spot, facing declining tuition revenues as well as lower state allocations. The federal tax bill also threatens to slice into many higher education budgets, as has President Trump’s immigration policies and the game of ping pong he appears […]

New Year “Resolutions” for Higher Ed Executives

As we embark on a new year, higher education continues to face what seems to be a perfect storm of challenges. It’s what we do to meet those challenges that will determine higher education relevance in the United States – and the nation’s place in the global economy. Challenge 1 – Declining Enrollment While data […]

Tax Reform and Its Implications on Higher Ed

Congress hammered out a new tax plan which was signed by President Trump prior to Christmas. While negotiations removed many troubling pieces from the bill, the new plan will lead to numerous – and potentially difficult — changes to higher education institutions and those involved in it. Here’s a round-up of how higher education and […]

Seeking Meaningful Change in Higher Education

Institutions of higher education continue to face demands to be more accountable.  At the national level, the U.S. Congress is considering the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity (HERO) Act, parts of which move accountability to the state level. This proposal, if passed, would give individual states the responsibility to create accrediting systems, curricula, apprenticeships, programs […]

No Means No: Power and Abuse in Academe

The charges of sexual harassment by mega-producer Harvey Weinstein have consumed the attention of the media over the past number of weeks. The tales have led to an outpouring of “Me too” by Facebook and Twitter users who have experienced unwanted advances and worse in their own lives. Sadly, the cases of abuse of power […]

Accreditation: Nuisance or Needed

Accreditation has been in the news since Donald Trump took over as president (and even before), so we at The Change Leader decided to take another look at the ins and outs of accreditation. Many higher education leaders see the accreditation process as a nuisance. The requirements can take a lot of faculty and staff […]

Polarization of Higher Education

The divisiveness in American society has been growing for a while, and while this deep polarization seems to be further cleaved by the latest tweets from President Trump, the divides, which began in the 1980s, have been getting substantially worse over a past decade. Unfortunately, higher education isn’t immune from this conflict. Policymakers, faculty, students, […]

Revisiting Charlottesville and Campus Free Speech

  The University of Virginia became the focal point of the increasingly dangerous challenge faced by higher education leaders in balancing a commitment to free speech with extremist activism. As the Washington Post reported, a Unite the Right rally by white nationalists and supremacists escalated into violence on campus during the weekend of Aug. 13, […]

Branding and Marketing – Part 2

Institutions of higher education started considering the importance of marketing about 45 years ago. However, many of today’s college and university leaders still struggle with how to effectively market their institution and its programs. Part of this issue is tied to a diverse student population that means that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing no longer […]

Higher Ed Branding, Part 1.

In today’s turbulent economic and political climate, higher education leaders are facing many challenges that they never have experienced before. Many institutions that previously have enjoyed sustained approval from policymakers, funders and other stakeholders are increasingly seeing the pendulum swing. The new normal often entails bitter criticism and declining support from many federal and state […]