About The Change Leader

Who We Are and How We Work

The Change Leader has one goal – to ensure the health and vitality of your institution.

We approach your challenges holistically, taking into account your culture, values and history – the things that make your institution unique and special – and help you build a path forward that is inclusive and takes into account your stakeholders’ perspectives to ensure your vision can be implemented without resistance to change.  We ensure your strategies, structures, and processes are aligned and your people are attuned to the shared vision.

This approach has added over $500 million to organizations’ bottom lines

Our Story

The Change Leader was born out of its founders’ deep love for higher education, and an understanding that higher education is undergoing (and needs) deep change.

We’ve walked in your shoes, and lived the challenges that you face. We know that very thing that makes your institution special is also what makes it vulnerable: your goals and vision are not directed inward, your motivation is not for immediate profit. Instead, you focus your efforts outward with the goal of improving society as a whole.

We see things through a different lens.

Bottom line, we have the expertise, proven skills, and tools you need to manage, strengthen, and build your institution, allowing you to spend less time in crisis management and compliance and more time leading your people, driving growth, and ensuring vitality and financial health into the next decade.

The Change Leader way – a partnership that will make a difference for your institution.