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Accreditation: Nuisance or Needed

Accreditation has been in the news since Donald Trump took over as president (and even before), so we at The Change Leader decided to take another look at the ins and outs of accreditation. Many higher education leaders see the accreditation process as a nuisance. The requirements can take a lot of faculty and staff […]

Polarization of Higher Education

The divisiveness in American society has been growing for a while, and while this deep polarization seems to be further cleaved by the latest tweets from President Trump, the divides, which began in the 1980s, have been getting substantially worse over a past decade. Unfortunately, higher education isn’t immune from this conflict. Policymakers, faculty, students, […]

Revisiting Charlottesville and Campus Free Speech

  The University of Virginia became the focal point of the increasingly dangerous challenge faced by higher education leaders in balancing a commitment to free speech with extremist activism. As the Washington Post reported, a Unite the Right rally by white nationalists and supremacists escalated into violence on campus during the weekend of Aug. 13, […]

Branding and Marketing – Part 2

Institutions of higher education started considering the importance of marketing about 45 years ago. However, many of today’s college and university leaders still struggle with how to effectively market their institution and its programs. Part of this issue is tied to a diverse student population that means that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing no longer […]

Higher Ed Branding, Part 1.

In today’s turbulent economic and political climate, higher education leaders are facing many challenges that they never have experienced before. Many institutions that previously have enjoyed sustained approval from policymakers, funders and other stakeholders are increasingly seeing the pendulum swing. The new normal often entails bitter criticism and declining support from many federal and state […]

The Changing Face of Higher Education

Higher education remains in many policymakers’ and key stakeholders’ crosshairs as needing organizational change. Changing student demographics and declining national and state funding compound the situation, leaving university and college leaders struggling to find ways to keep their institutions relevant while also serving their key stakeholders. Furthermore, many higher education leaders are making decisions that […]

Accreditation Has a Deep History in Our Nature – But Is There a Future?

Higher education accreditation has a deep and rich history in the United States. According to Online MBA, the first regional accrediting agencies started in the 1880s with a focus on educational standards and admission procedures. The accreditation process quickly evolved and expanded to include national standards as well as program-specific accreditation. Fast-forward to 1966, when […]

Costs of higher education – Solutions Blog

As we discussed in the previous two blogs, higher education leaders currently are dealing with issues related to tuition and enrollment decline as well as challenges to their budgets. While challenging, this time also has a silver lining. Proactive higher education leaders can use this time to develop breakthrough strategies to position their institutions to […]

Costs of higher ed and budgets

Today’s higher education leaders are caught in the middle of two philosophies. The first philosophy is that the purpose of higher education is to prepare students to be good citizens, be civically engaged when they reach adulthood and prepare them for productive careers. The other philosophy, as noted in the documentary Starving the Beast, suggests […]

Costs of higher ed and strategies for increasing enrollments.

This is the first of a three-part series on how higher ed institutions can grow enrollments by helping students better afford tuition The cost of higher education continues to be a pressing issue for institutions of higher education. Leaders increasingly are grappling with finding the balance between keeping tuition affordable while also optimizing the organization’s […]

The New Normal for Education?

Many leaders of higher learning institutions find themselves facing a new normal that encompasses challenges with enrollment, finances, academics and faculty. Perhaps these issues sound familiar: Decreasing and changing enrollment. Overall enrollment is dropping, partially fueled by the number of traditional college-age students declining while higher ed institutions struggle with how to better serve the […]

Positioning: The Key to Filling the Enrollment Funnel

The statistics are in: 68% of all “non-traditional” students make their enrollment choice based on location (w/in 30 miles of home), and 49% chose the institution they go to based on cost. Hear TCL’s Dr. Drumm McNaughton and Vickie Sullivan, a 30+ year marketing and positioning expert, talk on how education institutions can grow enrollments […]

People Support What They Help Create: The Story of Texas A&M’s Student Leadership Development Programs

Higher education leaders often talk about creating the next generation of leaders.  Many current efforts at colleges and universities are focused on flipped classrooms and leadership seminars. But how do we give young adults firsthand experience (instead of theoretical knowledge) of the skills and abilities needed for becoming leaders in their future organizations, communities and […]

University Leadership – What Does It Take?

What knowledge and experience does a university president need to have in order to be an effective leader of a college or university in 2017? Traditionally, universities have looked for candidates who were steeped in the world of academia. Qualifications included a terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher education as well as significant […]

Return on Investment

In the past decade, we’ve seen an increasing emphasis in the notion of return on investment in higher education. In a world driven by the all-mighty dollar and consumerism, this emphasis is not surprising. However, it’s important to think deeply into what the phrase “return on investment” truly can mean for higher education – and […]

4 Leadership Characteristics of Successful College Presidents

We know a good leader when we see one, but what qualities are most likely to translate into success?   Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has spent years thinking about leadership and even written a book on the subject, counseled Donald J. Trump before he took office and has visited with the president and […]

Building Leadership Capacity: A President’s Perspective

Please join Dr. Katrina Rogers, President of Fielding Graduate University, and Ms. Amy Savage, CEO of Fine Points Leadership, in an interactive discussion on the criticality of and how to build leadership capacity in institutions of higher learning.  This discussion focused on how to implement Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge in higher ed institutions, and what […]

College Closure and the Language of Transparency

According to a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, closures of four-year, private, not-for-profit universities in 2017 are expected to triple from the current average rate of five per year. The authors, Jamie Morley and Bill Ojile, argue that imperiled institutions of higher education must think ahead and plan strategically if they want […]

How Venture Philanthropy Can Help Your University Get the Funding (and the Programs) It Needs

Writing in 2012 for the American Association of University Professors, Kevin Kumashiro voices a concern that still resonates for many academics, the fear that venture philanthropy is bound to introduce programs “framed by corporate profitability.” This fear that the private sector only becomes involved in higher education for the purpose of self-enrichment originates in an […]

5 Things that Institutions of Higher Education Can Learn from Nontraditional Students

The demographics of incoming college freshmen have shifted significantly over the past few decades. The two most notable changes are an increase in the number of non-white (and particularly Latino) students and the growing number of so-called “nontraditional” students. Although the presence of minority students on campus has received a great deal of scrutiny, far […]

Big Tuition Increases Have Finally Become Unsustainable: Now Where Does the Money Come From?

These days, institutions of higher education are susceptible to economic uncertainty on multiple fronts. A decline in international student enrollment during the Trump administration could reduce revenues at both private and public universities. Despite a slight uptick in the rate of public funding over the last few years, state economies are still recovering from the […]

Can Shared Governance in Higher Education Survive?

Universities have considered shared governance the “sacred cow” of institutional procedure ever since the board of directors for the American Council on Education (ACE) released a statement in October, 1966 clarifying the respective roles of faculties, governing boards, and administrations. Endorsed by national associations for both board of trustees and faculty, this statement established a […]

Improving University Governance: How to Keep Your Institution Off the 5 O’clock News

This month’s webinar features Lauren Bloom, JD, LLM, a 30-year governance expert and graduate of Yale University, Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, and Georgetown University Law Center who has served as general counsel for multiple organizations. Lauren examines the critical function and duties of university boards of trustees, and how they are changing as a […]