It can be lonely at the top.  You are expected to be Superman (or Superwoman). Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.   “The buck stops here” is completely true.

But, when you need someone to talk with about the issues holding your institution back, what do you do?  Most presidents tell us that an outside viewpoint is invaluable.  Someone who is an expert and can help them see the big picture.  Someone who can be trusted to help you make the desperately needed changes without  disrupting the delicate balance you have established between departments and with faculty. Someone who will respect and honor the traditions, history and values that make your institution special.

The Change Leader has one goal – to ensure the health and vitality of your institution.

We are different in that we work within your unique culture to help you solve the critical issues that are holding your institution back. We find the 800# gorilla in the room and give you solutions to tame it (and/or help you put it back into its cage).  For good.  Without disrupting the harmony and values that make your institution special.

Our clients tell us that the biggest thing that differentiates us is that we trust you to help us make the changes that we need to succeed.  Trust. It takes a long time to earn it, but only an instant to lose. 

You’ve come to the right place.   Call us to see what The Change Leader difference can do for your institution.

How We Work

The Change Leader proprietary approach to solving our clients issues brings experts with 30+ years in higher ed to partner and work collaboratively with your institution’s leadership over the long term to strengthen and improve your institution, and position it for growth and thriving.

We approach your challenges holistically.   That is, our experts assess the issues facing your institution through multiple lenses to understand and then solve the core issues you are facing – NOT its symptoms.  Once we determine what needs to be done, we ensure your strategies, structures, and processes are aligned and your people are attuned to the shared vision.

This approach has added over $500 million to organizations’ bottom lines.

Let us position your institution to take advantage of the new normal.

Our Story

The Change Leader was born out of its founders’ deep love for higher education, and an understanding that higher education is undergoing (and needs) deep change.  In fact, a recent study by Inside Higher Education stated that 63% of college and university chief business officers believe that higher ed is in the midst of the financial crisis.

We agree.

We’ve walked in your shoes, and have lived firsthand the challenges that you face, both in higher ed and in other industries that have experienced similar challenges to what higher ed is facing.  We can see things through a different lens.

We know that very thing that makes your institution special is also what makes it vulnerable: your goals and vision are not directed inward, and your motivation is not for immediate profit. Instead, you focus your efforts outward with the goal of improving society as a whole.

Like you, we’re not in this for the money but to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  As education goes, so goes a nation. 

Bottom line, we provide you the expertise, proven skills, and tools you need to manage, strengthen, and build your institution, allowing you to spend less time in crisis management and compliance and more time leading your people, driving growth, and ensuring vitality and financial health into the next decade.

The Change Leader way – a partnership that will make a difference for your institution.