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“[Your] broad administrative background as a college president and as a chief academic officer helped [you] understand not only the needs of [your] own units but also those of other constituencies and other divisions of the college.  [You] clearly understood and were sensitive to the importance of working together for the good of the institution as a whole. [Your] talent for coordination and collaboration also distinguished [you when working] with the Board of Trustees.”

“[You] earned the Trustees’ deep respect as a thoughtful and wise leader and team-builder, and when [you] spoke at Board meetings and in committees, we listened carefully and we learned.”

Dr. Jerilyn McIntyre,
Board Member, Westminster College
President Emerita, Central Washington University

“Your ability to mentor, your deep knowledge about higher education, your care for the broad issues of our world and the need for education to address them, and your support for students and faculty and the whole learning experience, has been instrumental for our (and my) growth.”

Dr. Judi Greig,
Notre Dame de Namur University

“[You restructured] an overgrown academic affairs division and rebuilt an overfly decentralized set of efforts in continuing and competency-based education to create a growth organization with reduced fixed costs….[You] used [your] considerable skills in Appreciative Inquiry to guide a potentially difficult commission toward positive, future-oriented outcomes. These skills were also useful as [you] addressed conflict situations in schools and between faculty members….[You are] a trusted colleague with considerable experience who offered support and guidance during a period of great difficulty with faculty and board leadership, and you did so with wisdom and a tremendous sense of humor and perspective made my life and the life of the college more humane in a period of conflict and change.”

Dr. Brian Levin-Stankevich,
Former President,
Westminster College.

[You] stepped into what could have been a very politically delicate situation, came quickly up to speed on the key issues facing the college, and expertly navigated troubled political waters. Even more impressive were your accomplishments in quickly stabilizing the institution. You quickly earned the respect of not just the faculty, but also the college’s administrators, staff, and students. [You] fearlessly attacked and resolved a number of sensitive situations. I especially appreciated your common-sense, frank, and transparent approach, as well as the invaluable guidance you provided me. On top of [your] impressive leadership skills and experience, [you] also proved to be an effective listener, coach, and friend. I truly enjoyed working with you, and have the highest respect for your expertise and integrity.

Preston Chiaro,
Vice Chair,
Board of Trustees,
Westminster College

“Does Your Institution Have The Critical Fundamentals for Succeeding in the NEW Higher Education Environment?

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The Change Leader are experts in building growth-oriented, financially sustainable educational institutions.

We know how demanding your position is. We’ve been there ourselves, and we know what’s at risk.  We don’t offer magic solutions.  We don’t promise that your day-to-day challenges will disappear.  What we do promise is that together, we’ll build a more effective board, develop stronger leaders, and set you on the right path with the tools you need to build an institution whose future is strong and sustainable.

In short, we free you up to better lead your institution without sacrificing its history, goals and values.



Position your
university for growth and
implement your plan for
financial sustainability



Build a board and institutional culture of 
leadership, partnership and accountability



Take the “guesswork” out of
planning and change and avoid unintended mistakes that can cost your institution



Defy the 80% failure rate and
implement your key initiatives without them getting sabotaged by resistance to change

Leadership’s Secret Formula

The Change Leader creates sustainable education institutions that meet the needs of 21st century students and employers.

Through our Concierge Services™, we provide you the proven skills, information, and tools you need to manage, strengthen, and build sustainable institutions. Our trusted advisors are former presidents and provosts of universities, people who have walked in your shoes, and can help you navigate your most difficult challenges to create thriving institutions. Our proprietary strategic management processes can position your university for growth and financial sustainability. Our board evaluation and training can help get your board focused and on task. Our system dynamics modeling provides you the empirical evidence and models you need to identify opportunities and take the guesswork out of planning and change so you can implement your initiatives without costly mistakes. Our change management processes will enable you to fully implement the needed changes and reach your institutional goals.

Spend less time in crisis management and compliance, and more time leading your people and doing your job!


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